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BambuBlack Asset Management LLP (“BambuBlack”) was established by Jane Andrews in partnership with BennBridge Ltd (“BennBridge") in 2019. Jane has over 30 years of experience researching companies and managing Asia Pacific Equity strategies. She is supported by two portfolio managers and an analyst - the team has over 80 years of combined experience.

Jane has consciously built a team that is diverse in terms of background and experience, with complementary skill sets and a culture that is collegiate and fosters curiosity. It’s this unconstrained curiosity which leads to non-consensus thinking, allowing the team to focus on truly unconstrained investing starting with opportunities, rather than the benchmark.

As fundamental, bottom-up investors, curiosity helps the team to unearth companies that are not fully appreciated by the market. The objective is to discover companies operating in areas of secular growth, which are supported by structural tailwinds, and solving real world challenges.

Partnership with BennBridge

BennBridge is a strategic partner, minority owner and the appointed investment manager for BambuBlack. It is part of the BFM Group, a privately-owned Australian investment company that partners with boutiques across the globe. BennBridge is responsible for providing all operational, compliance and regulatory services required by BambuBlack as well as client and distribution support. This provides the operational platform and oversight that allows us to focus on our core strength of investing.