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12 February 2021 1 min read

Year of the Ox: Seven managers on the next 12 months in China

China presents many investment opportunities, particularly amongst domestic focussed companies in areas such as healthcare and cloud services, which are beneficiaries of the US-China tensions.
11 February 2021 1 min read

Japan and South Korea have shifted away from 'lazy balance sheets'

Progress due to corporate governance improvements.
12 January 2021 3 min read

Asian equities to see sharp rebound in 2021

Investors can likely expect a sharp rebound in earnings from Asian equities in 2021 as markets stabilise post COVID-19, says Jane Andrews, portfolio manager of BambuBlack Asset Management (a BennBridg
15 December 2020 1 min read

‘I can do this’: Jane Andrews on launching an AM firm in a male-dominated field

Jane Andrews launched her own boutique last year but she is aware that many may feel daunted when it comes to starting their own ventures.
1 December 2020 1 min read

Why Inclusion: Go small and win big with boutique founder Jane

Citywire A-rated manager and boutique founder Jane Andrews addresses entrepreneurship, womenomics and fortuitous Japanese stocks.
23 November 2020 2 min read

Inside the RCEP: What the ‘historic’ Asian trade deal means for investors

Boasting one of the most comprehensive trading blocks in the world, will the Asia-focused arrangement force fund managers to rethink exposure?  
13 October 2020

Why China's growth will continue regardless of who wins the White House

Amidst a possible escalation of the US-China trade war, fund managers are focusing on domestic healthcare and fragmented industries when investing in China.
6 October 2020

Medtech, staples and fragmented industries: PMs tap China's domestic focus

Boutiques and large asset managers outline their go-to Chinese domestic sectors set to be the winners from the continuation of trade disputes.
17 September 2020 1 min read

Revealed: The top 30 female fund managers in the world

A closer look at the leading risk-adjusted outperformers as part of our Alpha Female 2020 report.
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