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Asian equities to see sharp rebound in 2021

Investors can likely expect a sharp rebound in earnings from Asian equities in 2021 as markets stabilise post COVID-19, says Jane Andrews, portfolio manager of BambuBlack Asset Management (a BennBridge boutique).


Ms Andrews points to the Chinese economy, which has already returned to near normal, and says the rest of Asia is likely to follow suit.

2021 will likely see the continued acceleration of major trends such as digitalisation and the adoption of renewable energy and electric vehicles, which are becoming more mainstream – especially in China, as policies are supportive of environmental sustainability.

“These trends started to emerge in Asia before 2020 and have a long runway ahead of them.

“The impact of COVID-19 has also highlighted critical trends like e-commerce, which are at a nascent stage of development across South East Asia and India.”

BambuBlack is an Asian equities funds management business based in the UK. It was established in 2019 through a strategic partnership between UK financial and professional services firm Smith & Williamson and BennBridge, the UK arm of Bennelong Funds Management.

BambuBlack’s two Asian equity funds have a highly successful long-term track record. The SVS BambuBlack Asia ex-Japan All-Cap Fund has returned net 11.73% p.a. versus the benchmark’s 9.23% p.a. since the strategy’s inception in October 2009, and the SVS BambuBlack Asia Income & Growth Fund has returned net 7.77% p.a. versus the benchmark’s 3.71% p.a. since the strategy’s inception in April 1989 (figures as at 30 November 2020).

Ms Andrews was recently named in Citywire’s 2020 list of the top 30 female fund managers in the world, ranking 29th out of 1,762 female active managers and scoring 243 points.

The Citywire Alpha Female report is an annual report ranking exceptional female asset managers in the world.

Craig Bingham, CEO of Bennelong Funds Management, said that being named as one of the Citywire top 30 female fund managers is a testament to Ms Andrew’s extensive experience, spanning over 30 years.

“Jane is a high-calibre investment manager who has delivered outstanding returns to investors through her in-depth knowledge of the Asia Pacific region, and her recognition by the Citywire Alpha Female 2020 report is a well-deserved accolade.

“At Bennelong, we are very proud that some of our most successful portfolio managers are female, including Sarah Shaw at 4D Infrastructure, and Suellen Morgan and Mary Feros at Touchstone Asset Management. In total, a third of our boutiques are led by women.

“We actively foster a culture that values diversity as well as an entrepreneurial spirit, and hope we can play a role in encouraging more women to consider asset management as a career that is both rewarding and fulfilling,” Mr Bingham said.

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