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Five questions about medtech investing you need to ask

Jane Andrews gives her views, alongside other experts, on where the pockets of growth in medtech could be and what comes next.


As appears on Citywire Selector on 19 October 2021.

‘Rising healthcare spending and ageing demographics across Asia Pacific have been investment themes for many years and should continue to be areas where we find dynamic and often under researched companies,’ said Citywire AA-rated Jane Andrews.

The fund manager, who is founder and chief investment officer of BambuBlack, said that the digitalisation of the healthcare industry resonates with the digitalisation of the Asian society, not without contradictions, though.

‘China is one of the front runners in the adoption of telemedicine. Regulatory scrutiny and pricing pressure is leading to improvements in efficiency. However, idiosyncratic local government regulations have made it challenging to establish different business models, consequently commercialisation is still in its infancy,’ she said.

Andrews added that India is another attractive market for medtech; spending on healthcare as a percentage of GDP is still low over there but leaves room for future growth thanks to a relatively benign regulatory backdrop.

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