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The Spirit of Asia

We believe that quality companies with sustainable franchises and experienced, proven management teams will outperform over time. At our core, we are stewards of the capital we have been entrusted with and have a fiduciary duty of capital preservation, whilst maximising returns. We are multi-cap investors who specialise in identifying businesses that are mispriced by the market, many of which are small and medium sized companies that are not represented in regional indices.

For us, these businesses hold the keys to the sustainable future Asia aspires to be a part of. Home to almost 60% of the world’s population, Asia is a vibrant, innovative and diverse marketplace whose rapid transformation over the last 30 years has moved Asia at an unprecedented rate to the forefront of global trade. It is this essence, this entrepreneurial spirit and collective drive for innovation which makes Asia so interesting and unique to us.

The final piece to the puzzle is the sustainable properties of Bamboo. Whilst we do not label our funds as ESG funds, sustainability is at the heart of all we do because we believe that the choices we make today have a direct impact on the future of tomorrow.

It’s in the name

The Spirit of Asia is in our name as well as our DNA. BambuBlack is not just a unique and intriguing name, but also a reflection of our passionate desire to discover new untapped potential in the Asian Markets. Bamboo is prolific across all of Asia, known for its resilience, strength, and flexibility. Our choice of letters is not just a playful spelling, but the original spelling of the word which was adapted from the Malay word “Bambu”, this word resembled the sound bamboo makes when it explodes in open fire (bam-boom).


Find out more about our approach to sustainable investing and the integration of ESG factors within the investment process.

Bambo stick
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