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Our strategies are unconstrained, high conviction, long only equity strategies, which invest across the market cap spectrum; where typically 30-60% of the portfolio is invested in small and mid-cap, defined as companies with a market cap between US$100mn - US$10bn.

We believe that quality companies, which may be small or medium sized, often undiscovered, mispriced and overlooked by the market and exposed to predictable structural changes, have the greatest potential to generate alpha. Our strategy allows us to follow those changes and gives us a clear idea of how they will perform over the longer term.

We like innovative companies across industries and sectors which are at the heart of change, solving real world challenges.

The Spirit of Asia

For us, these companies hold the keys to the sustainable future Asia aspires to be a part of. Home to almost 60% of the world’s population, Asia is a vibrant, innovative and diverse marketplace whose rapid transformation over the last 30 years has moved Asia at an unprecedented rate to the forefront of global trade. It is this essence, this entrepreneurial spirit and collective drive for innovation which makes Asia so interesting and unique to us.

The final piece to the puzzle is the sustainable properties of Bamboo. Whilst we do not label our funds as ESG funds, sustainability is at the heart of all we do because we believe that the choices we make today have a direct impact on the future of tomorrow.

It’s in the name

Bamboo, from the Malay word ‘bambu’ is prolific across all of Asia, known for its resilience, strength, and flexibility. In 1880 Thomas Edison tested 1,600 materials to find the world’s first light bulb filament, the only usable one he found was carbonised bamboo, or ‘Blackened Bamboo’. At BambuBlack, we are just as inquisitive about change, at both the company and industry level, and curious to see how we can find companies with change at the centre of what they do.