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The Fund aims to provide long term capital growth and income, primarily through investment in the markets of the Asia Pacific region including Japan and Australasia. 

The Fund is an unconstrained, high conviction Asia Pacific equity portfolio.

Evelyn Partners Fund Solutions Limited is the ACD. The Company is a UCITS scheme for the purposes of the Open-Ended Investment Companies Regulations 2001 and the FCA Handbook.

Manager Jane Andrews
Launch date 6th March 1989
Number of holdings 60-80 (typically)
Benchmark MSCI AC Pacific
Structure Unit Trust
31 May 2023
Fund Benchmark(1) Relative
1 month -1.35% 0.41% -1.76%
3 Months -4.72% -1.26% -3.46%
6 Months -6.21% -1.62% -4.59%
1 Year -6.26% -2.19% -4.06%
3 Years p.a. -0.79% 4.18% -4.97%
5 Years p.a. 1.06% 2.27% -1.21%
10 Years p.a. 6.81% 6.25% 0.55%
Since Inception p.a.(2) 6.54% 3.31% 3.23%

1. The Fund’s performance comparator is the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index in GBP. This benchmark has been chosen as this best reflects the asset allocation of the fund. Returns quoted are net of fees on the B Inc Institutional share class. Prior to June 2011, the fund uses the track record of the A Inc Institutional share class.
2. Inception of the fund was 30April March 1989.

Past performance is not indicative of future results

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